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Women's breakfast in Tajikistan: My health, my right

29 April 2024

Women's breakfast in Tajikistan: My health, my right.

To empower women in Tajikistan to overcome the barriers to live a healthy lifestyle posed by gender inequalities, the WHO Country Office in Tajikistan organized an intimate event about the health and well-being of working women. A group of resilient women came together for an informal breakfast. 

Gender inequality and discrimination hit women's health hard in Tajikistan. And this indivertibly affects their health and well-being. Many women in Tajikistan do not have sufficient decision-making power when it comes to their own health, and healthcare. Furthermore, a lack of access to quality, basic maternal healthcare, and to quality information and awareness restrict many young girls and women to enjoy adequate prenatal care sometimes leading to higher rates of maternal complications and even death during childbirth. 

Thirty women from different ages and walks of life came together to share information, exchange ideas and experiences and to foster an open dialogue on issues which directly impact their health and well-being on a daily basis. They discussed how to balance their work- and personal life, how to ensure sufficient physical activity and good nutrition, and what one can do to take good care of their mental health. 

“We should have these type of events more often. To discuss about our health and well-being, and to empower each other to improve our situation as women in Tajikistan” – Participant of the women’s breakfast in Tajikistan. 

By nurturing a supportive community and sparking conversations that resonate on both professional and personal levels, this initiative aimed to support women to live a healthier lifestyle and to support their families and communities to do the same. 

WHO promotes gender equality and to improve women’s health, overcoming barriers rooted in sociocultural factors. This includes ensuring women and girls have access to quality health services, education and information; and are protected from physical, sexual and economic violence. 

Judith Sprunken

Technical officer, Communications and Partnership Management

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